“The God Games: Heaven & Hell” (Interview & Excerpts with Author, Davalene Hirsh)

“The GOD Games: Heaven & Hell” is an allegorical Fantasy/Science Fiction/Magical Realism tale & Memoir that finds ANN NELSON, who is in Heaven, preparing her new Life Game (one lifetime on the planet of your choice – Ann choses Earth).

DAVALENE HIRSH, the author, says the main message of the book is: “God loves you just as you are right now.”

Welcome to “The GOD Games: Heaven and Hell” Book Launch (Part I) with author DAVALENE HIRSCH being interviewed by host Valerie Mich’El Oliver (The Pursuit Studio) and reading excerpts from the first two of four parts of her book.

The first and third parts of the book are Memoir; the second and fourth parts are Fiction/Fantasy/Science Fiction/Magic Realism.

Purchase on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/3yv989z8

– The GOD Games: Heaven & Hell” Facebook Page & Messaging

– Contact the Author via email: davalenehirsch@comcast.net

– Contact Valerie Mich’El Oliver via email: thepursuitstudiobiz@gmail.com

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