Hot Off the Press! “Rachel’s Gazette” (5TH and Final Edition), Focuses On Samhain & Halloween, History, Photography, Fashion, Music, Plus More Arts, Entertainment & Global News


What’s Inside This Issue?

Welcome to Rachel’s Gazette!
Rachel Speaks!

Merry Meet!
Blessed Samhain!

It has been an honor to share my thoughts with you, and to share stories and news about our beliefs, craft, and vision from various times and spaces in this gazette. The purpose has been three-fold: to create a sacred space for sharing what has gone before, is happening, and becoming in our own voices; to shine a light on how we are perceived and represented in the entertainment industry and news media; and to invite you to discover and support my story–and those of my loved ones–through the telling of Thorn Trees.

This is the last issue of the gazette as much work needs to be done to bring Thorn Trees to you in the realms of television, streaming, or film.

The main themes in this last issue concern Samhain & Halloween, the history of witches, and the craft as it has evolved to modern time; news about plans and policies that respect and protect us from discrimination and hate crimes; how we have influenced the art and culture of fashion, a special photography focus on portraits of witches and a special witches songs collection music video, plus book reviews and more stories and videos that reflect our perspectives.

I wish to thank everyone who has supported and shared this Thorn Trees-inspired publication in whatever ways you have done so and invite you to continue to help the creators and producers manifest its success. Currently, they are seeking a female showrunner for the series.

May the highest and most divine good for all be accomplished. So mote it be!

Blessed Be,
Rachel Gare
Executive Editor

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