Gloria’s Healthy Home & Body

Health & Wellness | Non-Scripted
Comps: Martha Stewart Living Meets Intervention
Aired: October 2019 to March 2021

I was happy to contribute as a Creative Consultant to Gloria Washington-Mines‘ program!

Gloria’s show was self-produced on an affordable budget and was distributed on multiple networks bringing sensible, down-to-earth, affordable, healthy quality lifestyle solutions to her viewers.


When long-time resident and successful entrepreneur Gloria Washington-Mines announced her retirement both the community and her clients wondered what will she do next? Well, it didn’t take long for everyone to get the answer to that question. Rude Rangers Entertainment, LLC is proud to announce that popular hairstylist, healthy living advocate and Warwick New York resident Gloria Washington-Mines will debut a new show on Rude Rangers TV and Ambizion TV available on the Roku TV platform that serves over 30 million subscribers..

Gloria’s Healthy Home & Body is a show designed to help people achieve maximum wellness. During the show, Gloria and her guests discuss realistic ways to lose weight, increase energy and live life to the fullest. “I’m humbled by this opportunity to share my message with the network’s viewers worldwide,” says Washington-Mines. “Viewers of my show will be enlightened, entertained and empowered to maximize their health journey. Best of all, I’ll be by their side the entire way!”

Rude Rangers Unite TV is a multi-genre network available on the Roku streaming OTT platform. The network offers viewers original content, exclusive shopping opportunities, information and entertainment centered around pop culture, celebrity news, fashion, cuisine, music, art, health, style, and wellness. The channel will also introduce viewers to a variety of shows, characters, personalities, and hosts that make them not only feel good but think, laugh often and take the steps necessary to live their best possible lives.

“Gloria’s Healthy Home & Body is a fantastic addition to our current lineup,” says Rudy J. Breedy, Vice President of Programming for Rude Rangers Unite TV. Her engaging personality, realistic approach to healthy living, and abundance of resources will prove invaluable to everyone that tunes in. Best of all people can access Gloria and her information whenever they want by visiting

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