LIVE Interview & Reading with Author, D.R. Hirsch of “The God Games: Heaven & Hell”

for Author, D.R. HIRSCH
SUNDAY, JUNE 27 at 12pm ET

All the info you need to join this event (via Zoom, Facebook or phone) and to win a FREE copy of this “SPIRITUALLY-CHANNELED” thought-provoking story about ONE (aka God and other names), why we are on Earth, our purpose for being here, and why God & games go together can be accessed via –

Or… Join Zoom Meeting –


“Did any of the galaxies stand out for you, Ann?” asked Glenna.

“Well, when we came to the Milky Way galaxy, several planets seemed familiar: seemed to tug at my heart.”

“That’s not surprising Ann, you’ve spent many life games on the planets in that galaxy; MX-11, Earth and Sylvan. When we go back in, we’ll take out the videos of those planets and see if you’d be interested in choosing one of them for you new life game.”

We’ll discuss why many of us who have spiritual experiences and write about them don’t feel “safe” or supported promoting them as #MEMOIRS; instead, we categorize our stories as #FANTASY, #SCIFI and/or #SUPERNATURAL for publishing. It’s the same issue for those of us who are screenwriters for film & TV.

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