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TOO OFTEN WE HEAR THE WORD “witch” and it elicits a variety of negative connotations. Family, friends, the media, films, and TV series (e.g. FX’s “Mrs. America”) all contribute to and reinforce this pejorative view. Historically and currently, the traditional entertainment industry primarily considers financing stories about Wiccans, witches, healers, metaphysicians and spiritualists if they are defined within the context of horror or fantasy. There are some exceptions to this rule (e.g. Good Witch, Hallmark Channel). But, there are MANY more stories to be told.

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THE CREATORS & PRODUCERS of the independent TV series Thorn Trees are using our series as a “game-changer” concerning deep-rooted negativity, prejudice, ignorance, and often false or limited stereotypical narratives toward spiritual and faith-based paths. Our main story focuses on a witchcraft-practicing, matriarchal Pagan family living in a Christian village in 1590s England, a precursor to the Salem witch trials on Turtle Island, the country’s name before being claimed and renamed by British colonists. 

WE ARE OFF TO A GOOD START with Bernadette Montana (a Progressive Witch, high priestess, healer, teacher, pipe carrier, and the owner of Brid’s Closet in the state of New York) as a producer on our team (learn more about Bern in interview below), and to have Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone (Wicca & NeoPaganism teachers and authors living in Ireland) as influencers/supporters. Valerie Mich’El Oliver (Originator/Co-Creator/Producer) is Gnostic Christian with strong indigenous & Yoruban influences, and Jacob Larch (Co-Creator/Screenwriter/Producer) Christian with strong Nordic Pagan influences. As we have learned, spirituality doesn’t always fit within a tight, restrictive box. We have reached out to Christopher Penzak (Witch, teacher, author and healing practitioner) and hope to hear back from soon. We appreciate you sharing our project with family, friends & colleagues who would like to support manifesting this project.

Get to know Bernadette Montana, one of our senior producers, and hear why she decided to become a producer. (Length: 1 min)
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GET TO KNOW RACHEL, the lead character/female protagonist in Thorn Trees, before she comes to life in the pilot for our series. 

Through Rachel’s Gazette, she and you will have the opportunity to give voice to those who have lived for generations under religious & spiritually restrained and hypocritical systems. Her life is one in which her beliefs and practices are devalued and outlawed. In fact, church members in her community secretly ask for her help being careful not to let Pastor Joseph find out. Any revelation of her practices endangers her in spite of the contributions she makes to her community and country. Rachel is clairvoyant, a visionary living in the small village of Aelbank committed to keeping her family safe.

According to Rachel, “My gazette gives voice to my people who live under a repressive, spiritual caste way of life.”

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Setting the Record Straight: Your Top Misconceptions About Witches, and The Best & Worst Representations of Witches in Entertainment (Films & Episodic Series)

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Setting the Record Straight: Your Top Reasons for Becoming Wiccan, a Witch, or Engaging in Esoteric Practices
For the first issue, you are invited to submit content about why you committed to the Wiccan spiritual path, became or consider yourself to be a witch, and/or decided to embrace an esoteric path or practice.

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Subject: Rachel’s Gazette
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