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You feel the pain and yet hold to the promise of your compound nature, that you are sublime yet mortal, filled with promise and unconditional love, but sometimes weighed down by fear and regret. ~Bill Attride

Drama · Romance | Dating · Female Protagonist · LGBTQIA · Spiritual
Status: Pre-Production
Comps: Carol | Before Sunrise | My Dinner With Andre

Logline: A romance-starved, 50-something, BIPOC woman must confront a spiritual challenge through two relationships–a white, 20-something potential love interest and God.


Think 1960’s Bossa Nova meets 2000’s Hip Hop; plus, the May-December romance in “Carol” meets the anything-can-happen-in-24-hours relationship intrigue of “Before Sunrise” mixed with the sensual culinary foreplay of “Like Water for Chocolate” ending with the spiritual touch of “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

The script is adapted from a published short story based on a true story. Gifts is one of three short stories in the “Between Us” trilogy (Dolls, Holidaze, and Gifts) being adapted to short film. “Between Us” refers to the relationship between the main character in each short and God, inspired by director Ingmar Bergman’s trilogy about God’s silence.

Discover More About Our Director & Producers

Valerie Mich’El Oliver (Originator, Creator, Producer), New Jersey, U.S.A.
Bruce Nahin (Co-Producer), California, U.S.A.

We are currently waiting to hear about a potential grant award for further project development, and are seeking potential Producers, Investors, and other Crew Members (Click Here to Track GIFTS and introduce yourself via Slated.com). Or, contact one of the producers below, and be sure to put GIFTS in the Subject field of your email:

Valerie Mich’El Oliver (Producer, U.S.)
Email: oliver.valerie@gmail.com

We thank you for your interest!


While you stay tuned for me to add more content here regarding the “Between Us” Trilogy, feel free to view what’s available on my Internet Movie Database profile (free to view), or my Pro profile on the IMDb (requires a paid IMDb account).