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You feel the pain and yet hold to the promise of your compound nature, that you are sublime yet mortal, filled with promise and unconditional love, but sometimes weighed down by fear and regret. ~Bill Attride, Astrologer

I used to think, ‘Oh, these are coming-of-age movies‘. But I think people are still coming of age at 80 and 90. ~Judd Apatow, 54 (The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up)

Genre: Drama · Coming of Age · Dating · Female Protagonist · LGBTQIA · Spiritual
Status: Script | Development
Comps: Carol | Before Sunrise | My Dinner With Andre

A romance-starved, 50-something woman guided by two archangels has a late-in-life coming of age opportunity with a 20-something potential love interest. Based on a true story.

Discover More About Our Director & Producers

Valerie Mich’El Oliver (Originator, Creator, Producer), New Jersey, U.S.A.
Bruce Nahin (Co-Producer), California, U.S.A.

We are currently waiting to hear about a potential grant award for further project development, and are seeking potential Producers, Investors, and other Crew Members (Click Here to Track GIFTS and introduce yourself via Slated.com). Or, contact one of the producers below, and be sure to put GIFTS in the Subject field of your email:

Valerie Mich’El Oliver (Producer, U.S.)
Email: oliver.valerie@thepursuitstudio.net

We thank you for your interest!


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