July 2020

Hot Off the Press! “Creativity & Storytelling ‘Zine” (July 2020): Two More University Student Interns Guest Editors for the Issue!

Publisher’s Note: I’m happy to introduce two more of four guest editors who are working at The Pursuit Studio’s Virtual Internship Program as Assistant Producers this summer–Alisha Solaiman (Finance & Business Administration, Drexel University) and William R. Ward (Television & Film Producing, Regent University). They were given complete freedom to plan and curate this month’s issue, and I believe that the content selected for it, really does reflect their educational interests, as well as our personal and professional ones as content consumers. Let’s read what they have to say about it now, and then watch Alisha & Will get a bit more in depth during a short interview on YouTube. I now defer this Editor’s column to them! ~Valerie Mich’El

Welcome to the July 2020 issue! 

This issue focuses on the impact COVID-19 has on the film industry and film festivals. There will be a special spotlight on filmmakers/storytellers who are staying creative during quarantine. During these troubling times, creators may feel a lack of creativity and motivation. There are those who persist through this and make the most of a unideal situation! 

The film industry is at the most troubling time. The demand for entertainment has gone up, but with a global pandemic, creating films/shows to meet this demand is proving to be difficult. 

Hollywood is working on new measures to ensure the safety of cast and crew during filming. There is a huge loss of money as a result of the pandemic. Social distancing and testing for COVID-19 is being enforced. 

Thank you for reading these important stories and we hope you learn from them!

Will & Alisha


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