Hot Off the Press! “Rachel’s Gazette” (Third Edition), Continues the Spotlight on Portrayal of Witches In Film & TV


What’s Inside This Issue?

Merry Meet!

I am Rachel Gare, a witch and the lead character in my own story, Thorn Trees.

This gazette issue continues our focus on the portrayal of witches in entertainment (film and television) throughout the years. We share clips of content on subjects discussed in The Portrayal of Witches in Entertainment discussion event on Zoom, feature the Thorn Trees producing team interviewed on a lively That Witch Life podcast, and provide plenty of stories curated from online content around the world (in videos, photos, and articles) about witches, witchcraft, Wiccans, Pagans, and kindred souls.

There’s a special hearty and heartfelt THANK YOU to the Thorn Trees Crowdfunding Campaign contributors who requested this as a giving incentive/reward! Due to their generosity, the campaign was a success; in fact, we exceeded our goal! In fact, Rachel’s Gazette is now funded to continue a a result.

Rachel Speaks, my editorial, is different in this edition. It’s a letter written to me by my friend Victoria concerning her distress after attending a Shakespeare play featuring witches in the plot, followed by my reply to its content.

Finally, there are a few invitations in this issue for you. One, to attend a planned Witches in Business: Issues & Solutions Zoom event hosted by witches about witches in business. Two,an invitation to actors and actresses interested in performing a virtual table reading of the pilot. Both of these events are planned  for Spring 2021.

I am grateful to exist through space and time among friends to share this experience.

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Blessed Be,
Rachel Gare, Executive Editor

Molly Shilling and Clarissa Labady, Editors
Rachel Kaufman, Assistant Editor of “Editorial: Rachel Speaks”
Bernadette Montana and Valerie Mich’El Oliver, Contributing Editors
Clarissa Labady, Graphic Design
Irene Krawczuk, Copy Editor

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Hot Off the Press! “Rachel’s Gazette” (a “Thorn Trees” Inspired Publication, December 2020)

Editorial: Rachel Speaks

Merry Meet!

I am Rachel Gare, a witch and the lead character in my own story, Thorn Trees.

The main theme of this gazette issue is on the portrayal of witches in entertainment (film and television) throughout the years. Please read my editorial, Rachel Speaks, to read my perspective on the subject. 

Video links are provided to what is believed to be the first documentary film about witches, a film made in the 1940s that led to domestic witch shows like the TV series Bewitched (watch the pilot episode by clicking on it in the gazette), and an episode from the FX series, Mrs. America, in which feminist, Betty Friedan that uses the word witch in a derogatory manner in a debate against Phyllis Schlafly who is against the women’s movement…

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Hot Off the Press! “Rachel’s Gazette” (a “Thorn Trees” Inspired New Publication, October 2020)

Editorial: Rachel Speaks

Merry Meet!

I am Rachel Gare, a witch and the lead character in my own story, Thorn Trees.

I have created this gazette for reasons three-fold:

  • To give voice to my self and others of my kind–those who are witches, seers, mystics, magicians, healers, midwives, and readers who do what we will and harm none in service to our highest good, family, our communities, our Mother Earth…MORE

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This is a taste of the content! Use the RSS feed in the right column to sample more stories, or visit the ‘Zine to review all the curated and original content. ~The Editors

New “Thorn Trees” Facebook Group Launched

There’s a new Facebook group created specifically for the THORN TREES TV Pilot to attract and support project influencers/supporters and members, and to keep them all informed.

Influencers are registering to contribute content to our new zine (Rachel’s Gazette) named after our lead female protagonist character, plus our producing team is posting our conversations about Thorn Trees, interviews and other content from influencers, and other project-related content.


Rachel’s Gazette

Call for Content for New Publication
in support of the Thorn Trees TV Series Project.

You’re invited to participate.

TOO OFTEN WE HEAR THE WORD “witch” and it elicits a variety of negative connotations. Family, friends, the media, films, and TV series (e.g. FX’s “Mrs. America”) all contribute to and reinforce this pejorative view. Historically and currently, the traditional entertainment industry primarily considers financing stories about Wiccans, witches, healers, metaphysicians and spiritualists if they are defined within the context of horror or fantasy. There are some exceptions to this rule (e.g. Good Witch, Hallmark Channel). But, there are MANY more stories to be told. READ MORE…

Hot Off the Press! “Creativity & Storytelling ‘Zine” (July 2020): Two More University Student Interns Guest Editors for this Month’s Issue!

Coronavirus Shuts Down Movie Theater Industry, No New Movies Til 2021

Publisher’s Note: I’m happy to introduce two more of four guest editors who are working at The Pursuit Studio’s Virtual Internship Program as Assistant Producers this summer–Alisha Solaiman (Finance & Business Administration, Drexel University) and William R. Ward (Television & Film Producing, Regent University). They were given complete freedom to plan and curate this month’s issue, and I believe that the content selected for it, really does reflect their educational interests, as well as our personal and professional ones as content consumers. Let’s read what they have to say about it now, and then watch Alisha & Will get a bit more in depth during a short interview on YouTube. I now defer this Editor’s column to them! ~Valerie Mich’El

Welcome to the July 2020 issue! 

This issue focuses on the impact COVID-19 has on the film industry and film festivals. There will be a special spotlight on filmmakers/storytellers who are staying creative during quarantine. During these troubling times, creators may feel a lack of creativity and motivation. There are those who persist through this and make the most of a unideal situation! 

The film industry is at the most troubling time. The demand for entertainment has gone up, but with a global pandemic, creating films/shows to meet this demand is proving to be difficult. 

Hollywood is working on new measures to ensure the safety of cast and crew during filming. There is a huge loss of money as a result of the pandemic. Social distancing and testing for COVID-19 is being enforced. 

Thank you for reading these important stories and we hope you learn from them!

Will & Alisha

“Jurni” is a new children’s book about a young girl travels to the stars!
See interview with the author, Nikos Cox, below!

This is a taste of the content! Use the RSS feed in the right column to sample more stories, or visit the ‘Zine to review all the curated and original content. ~The Editors

Hot Off the Press! “Creativity & Storytelling ‘Zine” (June 2020): University Student Interns Guest Editors for the Issue!

Feature Article Photo for “Anti-Racism Resources Streaming for Free”

Publisher’s Note: I’m happy to introduce two guest editors who are working at The Pursuit Studio’s Virtual Internship Program this summer: JAKE SAMIESKE (Hamilton College) and MOLLY SCHILLING (Penn State University). They were given free reign to determine the content themes to research and curate in this issue. As they are both young, white students (I’m a African-Native-English-Irish-Welsh-American of Boomer age), I am encouraged by the themes they choose, and how concerned Jake was about whether and how he could adequately and responsibly make some particular editorial choices. This is addressed more in an interview with Jake & Molly on Youtube (see the embedded video below). I now defer this edition to them! ~Valerie Mich’El

Welcome to the June 2020 issue! 

This issue is essentially an intersection between storytelling, Black Lives Matter, COVID-19, education and entertainment by focusing on stories that have been minimized, invisible and undervalued in the past, are struggling to be heard in the present, and are guiding, inspiring and motivating for the future…READ MORE of our Editorial & stories in this issue.
~Molly & Jake

Original Creativity & Storytelling Content Roundup

IT’S TIME FOR A ROUND-UP OF  CREATOR’S CORNER FOR EASIER ACCESS TO THE CREATIVITY COACHING CONTENT HERE with a brief excerpt and link to each one–in the spirit of “Everything we need for creativity & storytelling success is within our grasp.” Of course it may not be everything we need, however; between Creator’s Corner and the Creativity & Storytelling ‘Zine, there is a hearty helping.

I BEGAN WRITING CREATOR’S CORNER IN AN INFLUENCER, COACHING, INSPIRATIONAL CAPACITY to share original ideas and solutions for you to consider based on my own thoughts and experiences inspired by the curated content in the Creativity & Storytelling ‘Zine.

Creator’s Corner Round-up


How To Work (and Play) Well With “The Others” To Succeed | I attended a graduate school where arts and business students were brought together–on purpose–to propose, create and apply . . .


Best Visual Content = Storytelling Solutions via A&E Professionals | Stage32 (One of my favorite websites) invites its members to select 10 films that we would take with us if we knew we were going to be stranded on a desert island.

Lies & Storytelling: Strange Bedfellows in Shades of Gray | Liar! Who hasn’t had to enter into an almost daily relationship with lies in our political climate today as we countdown to choosing our next president of the United States of America (#45) . . .

Best Storytelling Has Sensory Empathy (or It’s Important To Engage the Senses) | I had the responsibility of creating visual content (publications, packaging, and safer sex advertising campaings) to help save the lives of men, women, and children at-risk for HIV/AIDS during the fours years that I worked at Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Inc. in
New York City . . .

The Joy Is in the Story Journey (or Mission Impossible) | What really kept me on the edge of my seat wasn’t the mission getting accomplished or the end (though I was happy to get the payoff): it was everything that occurred prior to actually accomplishing it.

Get Up to Speed On Quality Do-It-Yourself Storytelling (On a Low Budget) | In our world in which content is king/queen and we must use vital creativity and storytelling mojo, and provide it in ways that engage, inspire and energize our fellow humans, what can we do to achieve quality . . .

Best Storytelling is Copied, Stolen Content? (or The Lighter Shade of Led Zeppellin) | Breakout from traditional approaches and models despite potential flack that you might receive from doubters or critics who aren’t as courageous, and/or fear conflict or change.

Conflict Has Creative Value, Learn How To Use It | Creative breakthroughs often occur as the result of conflict in many aspects of the human experience. I feel like screaming again because conflict and contrast commands attention. They SHOUT and we. . .

Here Comes Play-Doh | Certainly it’s easy to see that Play-Doh can be used as content to attract and communicate with children in your particular business, project or service, but what about with adults? Many of us are familiar with Play-Doh because . . .

Sacred Geometry, Visual Storytelling Content: One of Top Four Creative Trends 2016 | Sigils are sacred geometry symbol forms that the ancients considered to be the marks of angels, deities, and other powerful entities; they are archetype conduits that merge science, creativity and spirituality.

Card Decks and The Mystic or Visionary Persona | Create a card deck as visual content to inform, educate, inspire, attract, promote, aesthetic (purely as art for arts sake ), or for fun and play to help achieve your goal or purpose.

MAY YOU DISCOVER MORE CREATIVE ideas and storytelling support now (and in the future).  


“Things are only impossible until they’re not.”
“Make it so.”
~ Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation


Valerie Mich’El Oliver explores the art and architecture of creativity and storytelling in imaginative, innovative, playful and award-winning ways. Tisch School of the Arts (New York University) and The Mystery School (Sacred Center for the Healing Arts) graduate. | Imagine, innovate, create, be generous, love this life, and dare to shine.