Welfare to Wealth

Welfare To Wealth: Unscripted, Reality Docu-Series Documentary · Drama | True Story
Status: Development
Comps: Intervention (A&E) | Queer Eye (BRAVO) | Shark Tank (ABC & BBC) | True Life/Now (MTV)

Logline: Welfare To Wealth is a “rags-to-riches” unscripted, original television series that offers individuals on welfare who have a vision for a better life an opportunity to make it a reality.

Synopsis: With the current assault focused on health and welfare programs, Welfare To Wealth is timely, and brings a fresh and up-close spotlight on the issue through a character-driven format with lead characters not fitting the typical American’s view of a welfare recipient, and ones appearing to fit the stereotype. In a world focused on social relationships in media, where is the “social” in social welfare? Welfare To Wealth is a way to change the conversation and narrative by bringing these stories into the social realm in a fresh, new way.

Each season Welfare To Wealth will feature individuals who are on welfare based upon the exhaustion of unemployment benefits, or due to mental health and/or physical challenges, or other reasons beyond their best efforts to take care of themselves and/or their loved ones. The audience will witness their ups, downs, challenges, triumphs, and ultimate transformation with assistance from a special team of four experts to help them along their journey from not enough to plenty.

We are currently seeking Co-Writer, Producer, Production company for early stage creation and development. If you are interested in learning more, please contact one of the producers below, and be sure to put WELFARE TO WEALTH in the Subject field of your email:

Valerie Mich’El Oliver (Producer, U.S.)
Email: oliver.valerie@gmail.com

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