The Pursuit Studio writes, develops and produces short films, episodic stories (TV/Streaming/New Media), feature films, theater, and music projects. Track what’s happening with select featured projects, and stay tuned to discover how YOU can get involved as cast, crew, or as an investor, sales or distributor. Interested in learning specifics about these featured projects or getting news about the people working on them? Then it’s best to send me a message using the Contact page. And if you’re a filmmaker, you can track my profile via my Slated.com account (and I can track yours!).
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The Pursuit Studio gives you access to Valerie Mich’El Oliver as a Visionary, Counselor, Healing Artist, and Interpreter of your stories via private services I provide to A&E clients. Experience the Awakened “Woke” Dreamer…The Realized Dream…YOU as a thing of Beauty & Joy Forever! Select the Healing Arts menu item to discover more, schedule a free consultation, and listen to a sample recorded live session.

Bring Me Joy (feat. Portia Monique) [Director’s Cut Remix] | DJ Frankie Knuckles


We are passionate about the art and architecture of creativity and storytelling; in particular, exploring diverse, untold stories that are entertaining, spiritual, and engage you in collaborative, powerful and unique ways.

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