The Portrayal of Witches in Entertainment

It didn’t begin in Salem and it hasn’t ended. Too often we hear the word “WITCH” and it elicits a variety of negative connotations. Family, friends, the media, films, and TV series all contribute to and reinforce this pejorative view. “Thorn Trees” is different & plans to expand the narrative. Click Here to read about Thorn Trees.

Bernadette Montana, Producer, Progressive Witch and High Priestess, and Peg Aloi, Film/TV Critic, Journalist, Author host and co-host this discussion about the portrayal of witches in entertainment and how Thorn Trees is different. You’ll get to meet the creators, screenwriter and producers and learn about us, and how we got involved with the project.

It’s a lively discussion focused on how witches are portrayed in film and television from a historical perspective to current, the truth or accuracy level of these portrayals, questioning whether the tapestry of representation is broad and inclusive enough, the challenge of realistically portraying the diverse spectrum of witches, how magick is portrayed, and how real magic can best be represented on the screen. The “Thorn Trees” creators and screenwriter talk about how their project attempts to address some of what is discussed.

Joining the discussion are Jacob Larch (“Thorn Trees” Co-Creator, Screenwriter, Producer), Valerie Mich’El Oliver (“Thorn Trees” Originator/Co-Creator, Producer), Molly Shilling (“Thorn Trees” Assistant Producer Intern), Rachel Kaufman (“Thorn Trees” Assistant Producer Intern) and Deidra Catero (Production Designer, Art Director, Historical Magick Consultant for Film)

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