June 2020

Hot Off the Press! “Creativity & Storytelling ‘Zine” (June 2020): University Student Interns Guest Editors for the Issue!

Publisher’s Note: I’m happy to introduce two guest editors who are working at The Pursuit Studio’s Virtual Internship Program this summer: JAKE SAMIESKE (Hamilton College) and MOLLY SHILLING (Penn State University). They were given free reign to determine the content themes to research and curate in this issue. As they are both young, white students (I’m a African-American of Boomer age), I am encouraged by the themes they choose, and how concerned Jake was about whether and how he could adequately and responsibly make some particular editorial choices. We’ll address this more in an interview with Jake & Molly on Youtube this weekend (check The Pursuit Studio web site). I now defer this edition to them! ~Valerie Mich’El

Welcome to the June 2020 issue! 
This issue is essentially an intersection between storytelling, Black Lives Matter, COVID-19, education and entertainment by focusing on stories that have been minimized, invisible and undervalued in the past, are struggling to be heard in the present, and are guiding, inspiring and motivating for the future…READ MORE of our Editorial & stories in this issue at “Creativity & Storytelling ‘Zine” site. ~Molly & Jake

READ THE ‘ZINE and enjoy the interviews below!

What Was Happening in Our Lives Before COVID Hit
Ways We Feel are Best to Engage with Racist Attitudes
Our Favorite Social Distancing Activities
Our Generation & the Benefits of Multigenerational Relationships
Witnessing Racism & Growing Up With Black People
What We Are Watching, Streaming During COVID
Three Words to Describe Editing This Issue & Handling Social Media Campaign