The Pursuit Studio’s “Kokopelli’s Lounge” Mix is 12th in the Mixcloud Global Bossa Nova Chart & Top 100 Global Nu-Jazz (53rd) & Lounge (80th)!

#Top20 – Kokopelli’s Lounge is 12th in the Mixcloud Global Bossa Nova chart! It begins & ends with rattles used by Master Healer Eleanora Amendolara created by Peruvian #shamans: the Jungle rattle and the Cougar rattle.
#trending #bossanova #jazz #nujazz ##lounge #loungemusic… via @mixcloud

“Thorn Trees” Continues as a Top Ranking Script in Four Categories On Coverfly International Screenwriting Competition Website in 2023 New Year! (02/02/23)

We are very encouraged and happy with our earned Coverfly accolades success continuing in 2023. In particular, this is gratifying because we haven’t submitted to a competition there since November 2021.