Atlantic City

By Valerie Mich’El Oliver

DESCRIPTION: The morning, a sound, and an abalone shell from the ocean outside her door have a powerful impact on a woman living in Atlantic City.

When I opened my eyes and realized that the sun was emitting light in the usual colors visible to human eyes, I promptly shut mine as I do each morning to listen to the Sound of my Creator—the tone, the pitch—that connects me to the Source of Everything.

I imagined the Sound—that frequency being easily recognized by every cell in my body, especially those spaces in which disease has made it’s home: the Ankylosing Spondylitis, the Costochondritis. I guess they are called forms of Room-a-tism because they take up room as uninvited guests.

The higher state of consciousness vibrated from Sound saying: “Make room for the disease as you would accommodate any guest who will eventually leave as all guests do.”

This Greater Reality marinated my organs, all my body systems, and I saw vibrant Abalone colors form into a shell. Instantly I recognized the healing sea creature touching me, washing through me, flushing out emotions that tell me lies to keep me attached to wounds formed years or even lifetimes ago.

Atlantic City has been a blessing in my life—the Abalone shielding me like a pearl in its shell. My silent soul knew this magical place as home my first month here when—little did I know, and to my surprise—I become the city’s bride at The Wedding of the Sea.

NOTE: This FLASH FICTION story was written in 15 minutes using a prompt (a few words as guides) that are included in the story. The prompt was also used as the title of the story. This story was performed live before a theater audience to gauge the impact and value of it prior to adapting it to a short film, or perhaps another visual format.