Sacred Geometry, Visual Storytelling Content: One of Top Four Creative Trends

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Creativity and storytelling as content for usage in arts &
entertainment, or as elements of lifestyle choices for businesses, projects and services (groups that have a way of life that may or may not be included in their brand identity), can be relevant to anyone anywhere in the world covering a variety of professions.

1) Article & Source: How To Inject Creativity Into Your Social Media Strategy: Top Four Creative Trends 2016 (

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2) Article & Source: Are You In A Creative Void? Spiritual Timing Could Be The Cause Of Your Frustration (

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The ancients believed that astronomical phenomena were connected to terrestrial events. ~ from “Star of Bethlehem”, Wikipedia

Use sigils as visual content to inform, educate, inspire, attract, promote, aesthetic (purely as art for arts sake ) for business, a project, service, or personal wellness. There are so many sigil forms to discover.  

Sigils are sacred geometry symbol forms that the ancients considered to be the marks of angels, deities, and other powerful entities; they are archetype conduits that merge science, creativity and spirituality. They used specific formulas to create them for specific purposes, and this practice continues today for healing, growth, and change purposes.

Sigils can be created and placed in specific formations on paper, on fabric, in art, in space, in the ground, and placed on the floor for a person to lie within that can serve as a portal, a gateway.

Here’s one creative use example: Imagine the possibilities for how these forms can be creatively used as visual content in a video for travel by having a person sit within a formation that transports them to a particular place (in space or time), or in their own mind/consciousness or spirit.  

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OUR ALPHABET has its roots as energetic communication symbols that can be re-purposed today as sigils in support of creative pursuits. Many fine artists and visual communicators already know the significance of historical studies concerning lettering/typography, as well as healers and shaman who use sigils through study of sacred symbols and how the ancients used them. The creative possibilities for using sigils are only limited to one’s imagination and creative intention.

 STAR SIGILS (My Personal Calculations & Creations)

Imagine when looking up at the stars shining so bright that they always have a counterpart on earth.

Book Project Star Sigil

Imagine that every person has a constellation–a sacred geometry symbol that represents them: that people’s lives are reflected in a mini-universe of stars that includes, not only their names, but all the people who are in their circle; the names of the places they have been employed, their projects–their past, present and future–all in a dynamic cosmic blueprint.

Imagine that these star sigils tell unique stories of which the content is star light energy in space.

Name Star Sigil

Imagine the creative solution not being about trying hard, working hard, thinking hard, or struggling but about aligning to or harmonizing with our sacred geometry forms.

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