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THE FRONTIER…You are the One for whom you’ve been waiting. You are the Awakened “Woke” Dreamer and the Realized Dreamed…the Beauty…and the Joy.
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Too often, I hear people in my personal and professional life say they feel like they want to AWAKEN FROM A HORRIBLE OR TERRIBLE DREAM, an existence of problems, conflict, difficulties, confusion, suffering, pain, anger, hatred, fear, stagnation, stress that are excessive–out of balance. They let what’s happening on the outside define what’s happening on the inside–a form of insanity. In our multi-universe of infinite creation, possibilities, solutions and stories, why stay stuck living in one chapter over-and-over-and-over again? I embrace ALL of my IDENTITY (the comfort and the conflict), so as a HEALING ARTIST, I can help you on a personal or professional basis in this regard. Together, let’s boldly go where you haven’t gone before into the Greater Reality to explore and create new stories as One who is fully awake, and the One who is a dream realized in this world.

Healing Arts Palette includes:

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Using CHILL (Chumpi Illumination)—a unique approach that facilitates awakening to realize potent creative and spiritual healing experiences.

CHILL (Chumpi Illumination) Practitioner
Sacred Center for the Healing Arts
Ordained Minister
Universal Life Church

The Sacred Heart (Christian), Sacred Holy Trinity, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Uriel, Eleanora Amendolara (Master Healer, Sacred Center for the Healing Arts), Bisun Ilau (Medicine Man, Lenape Turtle Clan), Bernadette Montana (High Priestess, Lower Hudson Valley, NY), Member of a 12-Step Spiritual Solution-Focused Fellowship, Sarah Bernice Turner Oliver Hoskins (My Mother, Community Activist & Visionary), and so much and many more!

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“Compassionate healer with integrity and expertise.”
Dr. Kathy Jordan, Author of “Becoming a Life Change Artist”
Creative Coach/Consultant (More testimonials!)    

Valerie Mich’El Oliver
Healing Artist & Visionary
Graduate of Sacred Center for the Healing Arts