Chumpi Illumination (CHILL)

Chumpi Illumination is the approach to awakening that healers and seekers of Greater Truths have been waiting for…Inspired by the indigenous wisdom of the Andes, the power of sacred tools, the practical art of muscle testing, and the study of universal mystery traditions, CHILL anchors you into your own life while teaching you to navigate your Greater Reality.

Eleanora Amendolara, CHILL Founder, Sacred Center for the Healing Arts

DISCOVER more about Chumpi Illumination direct from the founder of this unique portal into awakening, healing and transformation prior to scheduling a session with me. Watch a video about the sacred Chumpi stones used for this modality and learn how you can begin using CHILL yourself the Chumpi Illumination cards and book!


The promise, the elixir is knowing that I’m so much more than who I thought I was (and others see and believe me to be) that is beyond what most people call reality. When I’m conscious of and acting from the Greater Reality, it’s a form of bliss, peace, and no fear. Personal Chumpi Illumination sessions have helped me a great deal to get to know myself more deeply and thoroughly.


Fee: $100.00 (60 minutes, payment installment can be made)

CHILL (Chumpi Illumination) Practitioner
Sacred Center for the Healing Arts, Mystery School Graduate
Ordained Minister, Nondenominational
Universal Life Church

SPIRITUAL & PRACTICAL LIFE MENTORS (Short List): Sacred Holy Trinity (Christian), Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Uriel, Eleanora Amendolara (Master Healer, Sacred Center for the Healing Arts), Bisun Ilau (Medicine Man, Lenape Turtle Clan), Bernadette Montana (High Priestess, Lower Hudson Valley, NY), Sarah Bernice Oliver Hoskins (My Mother, Community Activist & Visionary), and more.


“Compassionate healer with integrity and expertise.”
Dr. Kathy Jordan, Author of “Becoming a Life Change Artist”
Creative Coach/Consultant (More testimonials!)    

Valerie Mich’El Oliver
Healing Artist & Visionary Counselor
Graduate of Sacred Center for the Healing Arts