Card Decks and The Mystic or Visionary Persona

The Creator’s Corner is dedicated to sharing ideas that come to mind after reading and selecting articles for The Creativity & Spirituality Magazine (as the editor) that may be useful to you in a professional or personal capacity. Interest in creativity and spirituality as content, for usage in arts & entertainment, and as lifestyle choices for businesses, projects and services (groups that have a way of life that may or may not be included in their brand identity), can be relevant to anyone anywhere in the world covering a variety of professions.

Column Inspiration:


Credit: Ariel Hart, Illustrator & Social Media Maven

Have a seat. Let’s take a close look at the cards. I see two creative ideas in your future for you to manifest using the content in this article for your business, project, service, and/or spiritual wellness.

1) Create a card deck as visual content to inform, educate, inspire, attract, promote, aesthetic (purely as art for arts sake ), or for fun and play to help achieve your goal or purpose. The Lisa Frank Tarot Deck is so eye-catching with it’s rainbow color-palette and the use of animals that focus on the child within us. It’s also very feminine in tone and energy. Of course, your deck will have it’s own special, unique character, attitude, colors and design, responsive to your audience, clients, customers, fans, or personal needs (healing, growth, change).

2) Use the persona of the Mystic or Visionary as copy and/or visual content to inform, educate, inspire, attract, promote, or otherwise engage people in an interactive or passive format. Are you certain about what you can provide or share? Are you confident in your voice as a leader? Do you have the knowledge, talent, skills, heart, or soul to deliver on your promise or vision? What story can you tell about the future behavior, attitudes, feelings, status, environment, concerns, etc. of your audience, clients, customers, fans through the solutions you have to offer through what you create, produce or provide?

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Dare to shine and love this life.




Valerie Michele Oliver (The Healing Artist Studio Project) explores the art and architecture of creativity and storytelling in imaginative, innovative, playful and award-winning ways. Tisch School of the Arts (New York University) and The Mystery School (Sacred Center for the Healing Arts) graduate. | Imagine, innovate, create and love this life.

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