Flash Fiction

These FLASH FICTION stories were written in 15 minutes using prompts (a few words as guides) that are included in the stories. The prompts were also used as the titles of the stories. All three stories were performed live before a theater audiences to gauge the impact and value of them prior to adapting them to short films, or perhaps other visual formats.

By Valerie Mich’El Oliver

Description: The morning, a sound, and an abalone shell from the ocean outside her door have a powerful impact on a woman living in Atlantic City. Read this Story.

By Valerie Mich’El Oliver

DESCRIPTION: Two kids are up to some pay back against an adult who hurt someone they love. Listen to this story.

By Valerie Mich’El Oliver

DESCRIPTION: A woman takes a journey to a lagoon where she hopes to to be healed, and experiences an emotional connection once she arrives. Listen to this story.