“Thorn Trees” Is Finalist Official Selection in 2021 Vail Screenplay Competition

More Good News!

The Thorn Trees script progressed to FINALIST status in the Vail Screenplay Competition!

Jacob Larch and Valerie Mich’El Oliver were one (1) out of nine (9) finalists chosen in the TV Pilot category (see below).

The top winning pilots genres are included below as an FYI.

Now we wait to hear about our submission to Industrial Scripts. The Titan Awards based in the U.K. Quarterfinalist announcement is scheduled for September 30, 2021.

Have a great day, and thanks for all who assisted with script development, “happy thoughts” and other support!


  • Disasterman by Mark C. Spera
  • 1st Place: Don’t Fear the Reaper by Erin Burchard
  • 3rd Place: Dragoness by Samantha Duncan
  • 2nd Place: Hartline by Chuck Driskell
  • In Utero by Gina Scanlon
  • The Mâr Chronicles by A.S. Templeton
  • THORN TREES by Jacob Larch, Valerie Mich’El Oliver
  • XCHANGE by Scott Hawthorne, Jim Goode
  • You’re Doing Great by Sharon Spell

1st Place: Don’t Fear the Reaper by Erin Burchard
Genre: Not Given (looks like a Thriller from the title)
Logline: Not Given

2nd Place: Hartline by Chuck Driskell
Genre: Thriller
Gage Hartline, a former special operations soldier, is targeted by the French mob after he uncovers a set of diaries written by Adolf Hitler’s Jewish lover.

3rd Place: Dragoness by Samantha Duncan
Genre: Adventure
When she finds a clue that her father may be alive, a tenacious, mixed-race high school student hurls herself into Chinatown gang life to uncover the truth about the incident that broke up her family ten years earlier, inadvertently impressing the city’s lone superhero and becoming his sidekick.

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